Professional MEP Engineering Services

S3DA offers a unique combination of both structural and MEP design services, which means less headache and better prices for you.

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Design, drafting and calculations

We do it all

New constructions, additions, remodeling and improvements

HVAC Design

Mechanical Drafting and Design

Mechanical Detailing

3D REVIT Modeling

Schematic heating and cooling system design

Heating and cooling equipment selection Heat loss and/or gain calculations

Plant room layout design

Duct layout drawings

Electrical Design

Electrical schematics

Electrical, power and lighting plans

Interior lighting – Exterior lighting

Electrical site plans

Electrical Single line diagrams (Riser Diagrams)

Electrical panel schedules and distribution panels

Wiring Diagrams

Power distribution systems

Plumbing Design

Plumbing and Drainage Drafting Services Design and Drafting services for domestic water

Plumbing set up Natural and LP gas piping drafting and Compressed air and medical gas system plan drawings Demolition and existing plan drawings Isometrics, Riser diagrams, details, schematics and schedules

Shop drawings, As-builts, specifications and coordination Legends and addendums

Title 24

Title 24 calculation

Residential and non-residential

Remodeling lighting

Title -24 Envelope

Title 24 mechanical

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How merging MEP and Structural design can cut costs for commercial projects in half

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Innovative Building Materials for Commercial Buildings That Reduce HVAC Costs

The US Department of Energy says that cooling, heating, and ventilation account for approximately 40% of a commercial building’s energy costs. So, it’s no surprise that building owners want to decrease their HVAC costs. Unfortunately, […]
July 29, 2020
commercial projects

Characteristics of a successful MEP design for commercial projects

MEP design is one of the most important aspects of a project as it is this part where the documentation, planning, performance and cost estimation and decision making are done. All commercial project that you […]
July 13, 2020
Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Options: Tiny Homes and ADUs

There is an increase in homelessness since many do not meet the given qualifications for home. Research indicates that the primary cause of homelessness is the inability to pay for housing, often caused by low […]
July 10, 2020
Remodeling Your Building

Remodeling Your Building on A Budget

Remodeling your building is something you might decide to do for a couple of reasons. Your building is probably starting to look a bit old, and you want to brighten things up, or you need […]


here are some of our projects

Structural, MEP and sprinkler design and Title 24 for an industrial building in Sacramento, CA
Structural, MEP design and Title 24 for a custom residence in Rancho Mirage, CA
Structural, MEP design and Title 24 for a four-unit Condo at Oceanside, CA
MEP design and Title 24 for Wilkins Apartments in Los Angeles
Blue Wave mixed-use hotel and apartment complex for Imperial Beach
Conceptual structural and MEP design and full layouts for Single Family home
Conversion of duplex apartment building into a single family home
MEP for a Custom Home in El Centro
HVAC Design for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Turnkey MEP engineering solutions

Future Outlook

Our long-term aim is to keep providing high-quality MEP services in California and the other States by offering creative MEP design solutions to our clients with the help of our high-quality professional engineers. Our vision involves using our capacity to work hard in order to establish and then maintain strong relationships with each of our valued clients. We want to promote the profession of engineering, becoming upstanding ambassadors of it through our work ethic and professionalism. We take a lot of pride in what we do, and will keep people wanting to join our ranks, as workers as well as clients.

Our services include:

HVAC design

Plumbing design

Electrical design

Title 24 report and energy analysis

Fire sprinkler design

Facilities system design

Refrigeration System Design

Renewable energy design: wind turbines, solar panels, Geothermal cooling and heating

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