Despite the pandemic, S3DA Design is fully committed to delivering. We are very experienced in remote work and can easily assist our clients to get started too, without compromising their safety or that of our employees.

How we can keep supporting you

The coronavirus has impacted everything. But now that people are spending more time in their homes, the need for comfortable living has increased. We are socially responsible and are obliged to keep assisting you as much as we can, even during hard times. Fortunately, technological advancements and our experience in remote work has given us the lead.

20% off for design contracts

Many have been affected by the coronavirus, and we want to help. We are announcing a 20% discount on all new design contracts. Stay safe!

Free consultation to keep you running during the coronavirus crisis

These are challenging times, but technology and innovative practices let us continue our work while socially distancing.

Summer is the ideal time for carrying out construction projects as the costs tend to be much lower than any other time of the year. To support our community and help you stay on your schedule, we are offering free consultation services on how to run construction design projects remotely.

We want to share our experience and help you get back on track despite the coronavirus, while fully adhering to all safety and health regulations.

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Why S3DA is the ideal choice for your design projects

We are very experienced in remote work and have successfully completed several projects without setting foot in the client’s house. We’ve managed to work out the alternative measures to onsite presence and inspection, which not only helps social distancing but also helps cut down costs.

We are also a single source of responsibility for both structural design and MEP design, which means our clients can have everything solved in one place without needing to reach out to several companies. This is particularly important as we can significantly reduce design clashes, missed schedules and overrun budgets.

What states we can support

Though our headquarters are in California, our remote working model allows us to support clients nationwide. We are fully adhering to government guidelines to deliver our services remotely and safely.

Why you should proceed with your construction design projects

Construction work tends to start in the summer. We can fully take care of the structural and MEP design of your project and work out all the details to prepare you for the upcoming construction work. You can keep to your plans since the design work can be fully addressed remotely and does not need to be affected by the coronavirus.

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